Uttar Pradesh Fashion Connect

uttar pradesh fashion connect

UTTAR PRADESH FASHION CONNECT (UPFC) is a go-to platform for fashion entrepreneurs, designers, and industry professionals seeking to gain knowledge, network, grow their businesses, and be recognized.

Our vision is to create the largest fashion THINK TANK in Uttar Pradesh, India.

With UPFC program, members gain unparalleled access to connections, information, and research required to make informed business decisions and achieve profitability.

As a member of the UPFC, the largest the largest fashion connect program in UP, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to networking and business development opportunities
  • Multiple options to optimize brand visibility and marketing reach
  • Connections to the entire value chain, including designing, buying & sourcing, manufacturing, merchandising, branding, marketing, and retailing throughout the year
  • Exclusive access to DFF events.

Join UTTAR PRADESH FASHION CONNECT today and take advantage of the premier platform for your fashion business growth.

This is the initiative by DIGILOOM Sustainable Fashion Pvt Ltd.