woman activist fighting for men's rights in India, Indu Subhash
She is a woman’s voice against the ‘Gender Biased Laws’ in India. And for years she is been fighting for men’s  rights.  While  some eyebrows are raised, but there are many people including educated women who supports her. And today, she is a strong voice advocating for the formation of a National Men’s Commission in India.
find correct shoe size for online shopping
You loved the shoes that you saw at online shopping portal. You read the product description and love everything about it until you come across the size chart. With every country/brand following the different size standard, now you are confused as to what size you should order! Need not to worry now as we decode
different looks with handloom saree and a shirt
Saree is the quintessential Indian wear, which women can carry off with great elan. This six and half yards of fabric makes every women look beautiful and elegant. And if the saree is a hand woven one, then  you will surely stand out in a crowd. But a beautiful saree is just half the battle
Indian Youtuber Anjalee Sharma in Handloom Linen Saree
She loves being a Youtuber. It allows her to create balance between three things she is most passionate about i.e., fashion, empowering others and her family.Meet ANJALEE SHARMA, our first guest of the series of WEAVING DREAMS*.. ANJALEE SHARMA  is a proud army officer’s wife, a doting mother of two kids and a renowned Youtuber