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About Digiloom

सा क्षौम वसना ह्ऱ्ष्टा नित्यम् व्रत परायणा |
अग्निम् जुहोति स्म तदा मन्त्रवत् क्ऱ्त मन्गला ||
(Kausalya, who was interested to practice religious vows regularly was appearing auspiciously by wearing a white silk sari and gladly performing sacrificial ceremony in a sacred fire, by reciting vedic hymns - Ayodhya Kand, Chapter 20)
The weaving together of the warp and the weft into a fabric has always been a source of wonder and aspiration for human mind. Hand woven fabric and Sarees in Indian history finds innumerable mentions in the holy books like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and in ancient literature for its beauty, holiness, fineness, softness, and royal insignia. Ever since, this textile art has flourished with leaps and bounds. Today, India has a myriad of hand woven Sarees and Stoles to offer from every nook and corner of the land.
DIGILOOM - Weaving Dreams brings the rich heritage of hand woven Sarees and Stoles from across India right in front of you.
Our fashion experts at DIGILOOM, curates and designs some of the exquisite hand woven, handloom Sarees and Stoles exclusively for YOU. Our designers makes sure that each Saree/Stoles that we put on DIGILOOM:
  • Celebrates the woman that is uniquely YOU.
  • Carry forward the legacy of our rich heritage of hand woven textile art.
  • Classic designs (that is timeless) for the modern and contemporary woman like YOU.
We at DIGILOOM, strongly believes that creativity requires inputs and innovations. So our R & D Team is continuously working on creative sources, references and innovation in hand weaving techniques.
On the process, we also create an eco-system for our weavers to flourish by empowering them with the new skills. So, we organize various workshops for them periodically.
We also celebrate the extraordinary achievement of ordinary woman like you by telling your story in our series WEAVING DREAMS.
With so much happening around between YOU and the your dream Saree, we are sure you want to keep updated with the latest at DIGILOOM!
So, WhatsApp YOUR NAME to 8181999998 for the latest product updates, Exciting Sale Offers, Tips and DIYs on hand woven Sarees and fabrics and much more.